Students' Representative Council 07/08

Cyclone Nargis

On May 2, 2008, Myanmar (also known as Burma) was hit by a tropical cyclone. The cyclone was later christened Nargis.

Entire towns have been destroyed and almost a million people left injured and homeless while suffering the lost of loved ones. Cyclone Nargis has, at the time of writing, caused at least 78,000 deaths with nearly 56,000 people missing.

However, the numbers may not be entirely accurate as Labutta Township alone was reported to have suffered 80,000 fatalities. Some have estimated that the death toll may well be over 100,000.

Sichuan Earthquake

Ten days later, the world was shocked by another tragedy which happened in the Sichuan Province of China. The province had suffered a major earthquake (Sichuan) which measured 7.9 on the Richter scale.

As of May 17, official figures state that 28,920 are confirmed dead, including 28,389 in Sichuan province, and 198,347 injured. Tens of thousands are missing, approximately 14,000 of them buried, and eight provinces were affected.

Our role

The Students' Representative Council in collaboration with the Student Affairs Division (STAD) will be leading the effort to collect as much donations as possible to be sent to be these affected nations. In line with this commitment, we will be placing donation boxes in major exam venues in the campus in the hope that all students would be able to make a minimum contribution of RM1. Apart from this, we would also be actively seeking for donations from the academicians and staff of the university.

A donation box has also been placed inside the SRC room. If you feel like donating, you may do so there. Other methods of collecting funds will be devised soon. Any updates or announcements will be made through MMU Bulletin Board and this blog.

All around the world, disasters strike without even a moment's notice bringing about deaths totalling hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in its wake. We, Malaysians, should be grateful for not having to endure such tragedies.

Let us be thankful for living in a country which is peaceful and not vulnerable to such disasters. Let us reach out to those affected souls in this their time of need. No amount of contribution is small or big enough. Help us, help them.

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